Diabetic Foot Ulcer - Clinical Trials
Patients elevated cholesterol levels may be eligible to enroll in a clinical trial to treat condition with new Fish Oil medication.
High Cholesterol- Clinical Trial
Observational research study being done to study Pediatric dermatitis in patients 2-18 years old. Patients will be compensated $50 for gas and travel.
Pediatric Dermatitis-Clinical Trial
A new topical ointment is being tested on men with low testosterone levels. Patients will be screened before enrollment. Enrolled patients will get 50 dollars per visit f...
Testosterone-Clinical Trial
Our offices are currently conducting various clinical trials to treat and study women's health aliments such as Menopause, PMS, Endometriosis and much more. If you would ...
Women's Health-Hormone Imbalances
Diabetes clinical trials being offered to treat patient with uncontrolled or untreated diabetes.
Diabetes (Type 1 and 2)-Clinical Trials
Patients enrolled in this trial will be given a new medication to aid in reduction of BMI levels over a 12 week period. Patients will be compensated 50 dollars for every ...
Obesity -Clinical Trial
Pediatric patients with uncontrolled or untreated diabetes may be eligible to enroll in a new clinical trial to aid in treating diabetes.
Pediatric Diabetes- Clinical Trial